School Tea Towel Artwork Guide

As a fabulous fundraising idea, creative keepsake or crafty design-your-own project, Lorna Wiles’ stunning screen printed tea towels continue to be one of our most popular products. Designing your own school tea towel couldn’t be simpler. Our step-by-step guide to producing your unique tea towel will ensure that every element matches your requirements for beautifully bespoke results.

1. Choose Your Tea Towel Size

As well as a standard size tea towel, we offer a ‘Big T’ that can accommodate more children’s artwork and larger drawings.

Standard tea towel (78 cm x 46 cm) – Digital and Screen Print
Available in WHITE 100% cotton only
Print area 70cm x 40cm to fit up to approximately 180-200 drawings

‘Big T’ tea towel (78cm x 50cm) – Screen Print Only
Available in WHITE or NATURAL UNBLEACHED 100%  cotton or ORGANIC NATURAL UNBLEACHED cotton.Print area 70 cm x 44 cm to fit up to approximately 300 drawings

2. Artwork Size

Take a large piece of paper to use as a backing sheet onto which you will stick the children’s individual drawings.

Please ensure the backing sheet is WHITE paper or thin WHITE card.

3. Drawing Sizes

Use the size guide below to find out what size pieces of paper you need to cut out according to the number of children’s drawings for your tea towel.

Number of children in the class/schoolStandard tea towel drawing sizes‘Big T’ tea towel drawing sizes
506 x 9 cm6 x 10 cm
705 x 7 cm6 x 7 cm
1005 x 5.5 cm5 x 6 cm
2005 x 5 cm5 x 5.5 cm
3004 x 4.5 cm

4. The Drawings


Give each child one of the pieces of drawing paper you have cut out. Please use a BLACK felt tip or black roller ball type pen for the drawing.

Encourage the children to fill the paper with their drawing as shown and write their names in large, clear letters.

5. Create Your Masterpiece

Once all of the drawings have been completed, cut around them as shown in the diagram and arrange on the backing sheet selected in Step 2. Remember to leave a space for your school name, logo, dates etc.

Once you are happy with the layout use a glue stick to secure them firmly in place.

6. The Last Step

In the space left for your school name please either write any wording you would like typeset e.g the year (we will do this in Arial Bold unless you specify a different font). Alternatively attach your school logo in together with any additional wording you would like typeset.

There is no extra cost for typesetting.

And Finally...

Check the finished artwork carefully to ensure that:

1. All the names are clear & legible
2. None of the drawings or names overlap
3. Any pencil lines are rubbed out
4. All the drawings are firmly stuck down

Roll up the artwork and send it to us in a cardboard tube with your completed order form enclosed. Please check that you have given us a contact telephone number and/or  email address in case of any queries and that you have chosen a border and print colour.

Signed For or Special Delivery will help to ensure the safety of your artwork.

For any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch 01208 873666


If you have any questions then give us a call on 01208 873666 or send us an email at