"Organic is not a thing, it's not a product, it's a philosophy"

Sustainability has always been important to us at Lorna Wiles. Since we first started printing, over 50 years ago we have taken steps to ensure we operate using the best ethical and eco-friendly practices possible. From sourcing our fabric to using water based inks without harmful chemicals.

For over fifty years, we have printed on natural cotton fabrics using water-based inks.  We are proud to have been certified by the Soil Association since 2009 and are now the oldest certified organic textile printer in the UK. Our organic cotton fabric is certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and our printing inks approved as inputs to GOTS V6. For digital printing we can also offer GOTS100 cotton.

*Soil Association Licence No. DK20450

Why does organic matter?

Organic cotton means that the crops that our cotton is harvested from have not been exposed to any pesticides, growing agents, or other harmful chemicals.  By removing the use of these chemicals, the soil retains high nutrient levels which is better for creating habitats and fighting climate change.